Mike is one of the two principals at BGS, and his energy and personality do a lot to drive the firm. We asked him a few questions so we could get to know him a bit better.

Q: Mike, you and the firm are well-known for making your community work as important as
the accounting work. What’s the motivation for that?

Mike: I think it’s our responsibility to put something back in for everything we take out. Our clients are our first priority in business, and they have first call on our time. Measured by the time spent, family comes next, and everything left over goes to something in our community. I serve on the board at of The Children’s Aid Foundation of York Region and do a lot of fundraising there. In addition, I’ve worked with a small group of very dedicated people to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for hospitals, cancer research and other causes. My son plays hockey, and I coach hockey as well, something that I think is worthwhile and really rewarding.

Q: What inspires you?

Mike: I’m inspired by the people in my life, both the ones here today and the ones who have passed. Clients are always good motivators, of course. My 2 kids keep me focused, and I continue to draw strength from having shared so much with my late wife Angela. When she succumbed to cancer, our family received tremendous support from an entire community. I will never forget that.

Q: Why have you built your practice around entrepreneurial clients?

Mike: My clients are people who have invested their lives into their businesses. I like that, and I am grateful that they trust me. I enjoy watching my clients grow in business and as people. It’s not hard to give them my best work.

Q: One last question. What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Mike: Balance – always try for balance in your life, between work and family, between your private life and the community.


Graduate of the University of Toronto, 1986 • Earned CA in 1987 • Private Practice since 1991 • Passionate about family, business and physical fitness, including cycling and hockey • Active fund-raiser for a variety of causes