Fabio is one of the two principals at BGS. His focus and professionalism are part of what makes BGS tick. We asked him a few questions so we could get to know him a bit better.

Q: When you look back on your education, what was the most important thing you learned?

Fabio: I think the real learning process started when I faced my first client. I came out of school with all the training anyone could want, but that first client encounter was an eye-opener. There is nothing like being in the trenches to start teaching you what matters to clients.

Q: What matters to clients today?

Fabio: Nothing critical has changed. It’s always about trust, giving it your focused best, and using experience effectively to help clients solve problems and make important decisions. As professionals, seeing clients grow and succeed is a rewarding part of what we do.

Q: And what matters to you?

Fabio: Family always has my heart. I truly enjoy our trips and memorable moments skiing, golfing, scuba and other quality times together. It feels good and it’s very important to me to support their interests and passion. Spending time in the community, being involved in fundraising, and supporting the people who are trying to make things better, are also important. I think that if you want to live in a good place, you have to do things to make it good.

Q: BGS is described as a “Community of Entrepreneurs”. What’s behind that?

Fabio: Well, a community is made up of people. I remind my children of the importance of working together and connecting with others. Clients need us. We need clients. And they often need each other. This is what helps make a community.

Q: Do you enjoy your work?

Fabio: I do enjoy it, and I really enjoy working with all the dedicated people at BGS. Also, I like seeing clients succeed. It’s important, and I like knowing that we played our part. We are all grateful that clients give us that opportunity. As accountants, working the numbers is what we do – but that’s the same for all accountants. Our real value comes when we apply our experience and interpret the facts and results with insight. Business owners can get caught up worrying about things they don’t have to, so I think it’s our job to bring balance and judgement to the table.


Graduate of the University of Toronto, 1987 • Earned CA in 1989 • More than 24 years in private practice • Passionate about family, physical fitness • community support and fundraising